Welcome Seniors!


We're Excited to be a part of your Senior Experience

            You have 3 Sessions to choose from:


The Glamour Session: $750

Be a Model for the Day:

This is a special session for those of you who’d like to know how it feels to be a model.

We’ll have a professional makeup stylist here at the studio to glam you up and get you  “camera ready”.

After that, you’ll get two hours of photography on our studio grounds. We can do both indoor and outdoor settings. You can try several looks and outfits. 

If you’ve ever fantasized about being a glamour model, this is your chance. It’s also a great opportunity to pick up some tips from the pros. 

Afterwards, I'll go through the session and edit it down to just the very best images. We'll meet again a week or so later to review them together. You'll pick out your favorites, and I'll create a beautiful custom book from them that you'll keep forever as a memory of your senior year.

The Complete Session—$100  (a $200 Value!)

This is for those of you who want something special. We can go indoors or outdoors, at our studio location in Weston. You can try different outfits (up to 3). We’ll customize it to not only make you look your best, but portray your personality.

It starts with a chat to plan out your session. We’ll talk about what to wear, where we’ll photograph you, and what style will work best for you.

We’ll schedule your session—up to 60 minutes.  We have both a full studio and an acre and a half of grounds to work in.

I’ll go through the images, and edit them down to the very best, so you don’t have to spend your time poring over hundreds of them. Then we’ll get together back at the studio in a week or so, and you’ll get a private viewing of the picks. It’s a lot of fun-like getting your own private Hollywood movie screening. We’ll project them up big and beautiful on the wall, so you can see all the details. You pick as many as you want.

I’ll personally go over each of your choices, and make it as perfect and beautiful as humanly possible. You’ll get one image sent to the Yearbook at no charge. You can have as many additional portraits as you want, in a range of sizes, all at special discount prices for our seniors. 

The Mini Session—No Charge. NOTE: Only Available through September 30!

If you want to keep things quick and simple, you can have a 20 minute session in our Studio, right near school in Weston. We’ll have a chat in advance to help you decide on your outfit. Your portrait will be beautifully lit on a studio backdrop, with a range of poses and expressions.

Just like with the Complete Session, we’ll give you a private viewing of the best portraits a week or so later back at the studio. You pick the portrait you want for the Yearbook, and I’ll give it the full enhancements that all my work gets, and send it to the Yearbook, at no charge. 

You’re still free to choose additional portraits  at our Senior discount rates, if you wish.